The professional wine drinker.

Nikita My name's Nikita and I'm trying to be a sommelier, a boon companion 'nd a human being. If you want to ask me, how do I live and why, don't hesitate to drop a letter into one of my social network.

Anyway, I'm really working hard on some really nice projects, like films and web-sites. I'm not so hopeless!

Also, you can leave 100% (really!) anonymous letter to me down below. The social networks are listed on the bottom side of the page.

Who am I

Being kinda a crazy person, I can simply combine many different qualities and skills in my activity. I began to study and practice my computer (esp. web-programming) mastery from the very beginning of my teenage-life (it doesn't mean, dat I was a hikka-freak). I was involving myself into high-technology processes 'nd rapidly growing Internet. During a long period time I was managing some huge forums and portals, developing my leader and communicative experience.

This time I tried to find something new and perspective for me, so I started to have fun with a camera and software for video edition. It lay the foundation in my mind for a future career and life. I have taken part in some interesting and important projects, like charity or public work.

At this moment I do much stuff. Participating in some private business, I change my life step-by-step. There are many points in my visual field, like cinematography, sociology, politics, publicity and of course programming. As a result, I have a good basis for a future experience and a plan to conquer this mad world.

Get in touch

+7 915 0000 928
somewhere in Russia or Germany, I suppose
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